About Me


My name is Kenny and I will be your tour guide through my site!  I will keep this brief :)

I am a published photographer with 13 years experience located in S Grand Prairie. I specialize in all forms of portrait photography as well as weddings

My shoots are zero stress and I try to keep the fun!

I'm not here to get rich off of my clients so I have manage to keep my rates down so that anyone can afford to hire a professional for their images

With all shoots, I do get you back your full shoot within a reasonable time frame (1-2 days portrait sessions, within a week for weddings). You will be provided with a print release. This allows you to get your prints from whoever you like. I can provide them for you but I will overcharge you by 3-4 times what you can get them done for. Images will be uploaded to Dropbox. You get two folders. One for web use and watermarked. One HiRes for prints and no watermark.